Luxury Travel

Want to get away to a secluded or private island, somewhere less traveled? Charter a plane? This can all be at your fingertips. Some people like to have private tours, luxury accommodations or villas, luxury transportation for example helicopters, or private yachts to sail around to their preferred destinations. All of which is easily customizable for that perfect one of a kind vacation experience.


A great choice for visiting multiple destinations and only unpacking once. It is very relaxing and there are lots of options to occupy your time if you choose. River cruising is the best way to see Europe. You have many inclusions in the cruise price, small group of people and personalized service for your vacation. Ocean cruising is also great for exploring the world. Also there can be a lot of options of things to do or shows to watch onboard or food choices with a variety of restaurants.

Group Travel

Have a bunch of people who want to travel for work conferences, or a friends getaway, a wedding, a family vacation or reunion. A you a member of a local community group or club (like Knights of Columbus, Scrapbooking, Comic fans, or …), why not all travel together on a trip of a lifetime? Small or large, I can take care of all the details and save you a LOT of time. I have the skills and access to amazing contacts who I will work with to make sure everything goes smooth and as perfect as possible.


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